Youth Hoodie/Shield Fan Pack

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You've been checking out Bush League Tee's for a while. You've wondered, our are shirts really that dope? 

The Shields are cool, these dues give money back to youth baseball.

We've made it so easy to come sample the League this winter with our Holiday Packs. 


This pack is a Youth Bush League Hoodie and Shield Combo Pack. It comes with our original SUPER SOFT Bush League Hoodie.

STEP 1: Pick your Hoodie Size for your perfect  Bush League Hoodie

STEP 2: SHIELD - Choose your shield from list below, each comes in its original base color.

LALA Shield (Royal)

Northside (Royal)

ATL (Red)

Bush League Media (Black)

Emerald Flow (Navy)

Kid Shield - Navy (Navy)

SouthSide (Balck)

Mile High (Black)

Quad Shield (Green)

River City Flip (Red)


STEP 3: Look fresh in your Bush League Shield Fan Pack

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