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Welcome to the Bush Leagues. For over 15 years we have been building youth sports programs around the southeast, generating over $500,000 in income for youth and high school sports. In that time we have found a number of successful fundraising tools. Some need a ton of volunteer support (tournaments, door to door sales); some take a huge financial commitment (traditional t-shirt sales); some take a massive resource commitment (tree collections etc). 

None of these efforts are passive; they each require a significant investment from your organization. Time, people, resources. Things you may not have.

We have created the perfect low touch, high impact fundraising tool for any volunteer organization. We've been there, volunteers are not a dime a dozen and their time is limited. We're fundraising experts and will create a turn-key passive income opportunity for your program!

Perfect for the volunteer culture of amateur sports.

Of all the fundraising tools we've used over the years; NOTHING is a better fundraising tool than YOUR brand!

We use your brand, amazing quality products, and a design and distribution process which is world class to bring you dynamic fundraisers that change - literally with the seasons!

Our supply chain is unmatched ANYWHERE on the planet. 

We have created a turn key merchandising model that will make your organization look like any Big League organization around. Our model gives you a defined on-line market space which you control for price and content. Your organization can dictate the pace of sales and changes. Our model gives you up to 60% of profits from your store with very little effort.

We've found that it is difficult to engage out of town fans through local marketing and fundraising campaigns. Not only does a Bush League Fundraising site propel your brand image locally, it also connects you with all those out of town fans! 

Imagine, Grandma buying a cool Branded coffee mug to support your team. Grandma is in California and the league is in Ohio. 

That's what we do! We get your brand to the people that matter most - your fans! 

Bush League powers your league or team with a professionally built e-commerce website, professionally branded and designed merchandise, quality customer service, and will give you up to 60% of the monthly profits from your sales. We will even help design sales and marketing campaigns with your team to maximize your sales!

We offer no out of pocket fundraising programs for programs of all sizes.

We've automated some marketing for you and can even manage your socials. This enables you to do one thing!


Get in the League to make money and build your brand.

Contact one of our Brand Specialists today and discuss your own custom merchandise line for your League! Using Bush League branding and creative experts, the Bush Leaguers will stand up a custom merchandise site for your club. 

Up to 80% of profit can be donated back to your program.

Why Bush League Fundraising?

  • No Money out of pocket
  • Use proven distribution network
  • Custom designs that can change with your program
  • Email marketing included
  • All web hassles handled by the Bush Leaguers
  • You pick designs and costs
  • Donations MONTHLY
  • Branding revenue directly to you
  • Control your brand message and image
  • Volume discounts
  • No minimum order sizes - EVER
  • No touch; created by volunteers for volunteers

 Up to 80% of Profit - Back to your organization - no out of pocket

How does it work?

  1. Contact Bush League Tees
  2. Consult with our design team to determine the level of fundraising support you need. 
  3. Our fundraising experts will then design a custom e-commerce platform for your organization including all merchandise.
  4. Bush League does all the work from design, shipping, customer service, returns, and payments. We even have a free email marketing program that will further share your brand.
  5. Change designs when you want
  6. Add when you need
  7. Design holiday or event specific 
  8. It's not just tee's - we can brand over 200 items for your organization.

Just need one item for a short term fundraiser? We can help there too through Bushleaguetees.com. If you have a specific local athletics fundraising support reach out to our Fundraising team for unique solutions.


If you are interested in a free consultation with our experts please call:


Bush League Fundraising - 470-222-4160











Coming Soon - HurricaneFanWear.com & EaglesFanWear.com






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