The Fundraising Collection

Baseball takes a community. In the Bush League, we know and appreciate that. The designs in this collection share our love for community baseball. Each of these designs are specifically designed with a charitable perspective. Our goal in the league is to give back and that is what each of these shirts do. The monies generated when you buy these Tee's will go directly to the baseball causes they were designed to inspire and support. 


Bush League Tee's will also develop fully customized merchandise stores for baseball organizations around the country. 

We're committed to baseball! We're so committed we will help any team or organization develop their own professional merchandise e-com platform with designs that change with the tempo of your season. Focus on winning ball games while the Bush League team develops an amazing brand with cool options for everyone that supports your club!

Get paid to sell your merch through Bush League Tees. We offer fundraising programs that pay you 35 - 45% of the net revenue of any campaign, MONTHLY! We provide design, web hosting, sales support, national branding and advertising, and much more. 

Completely free to your organization.




Experts in non-profit Fundraising for the last 10 years. Over $500,000 raised!